Don Miller IT Services

Personal Computer Services for
Small Business and Home Office Users


Don Miller IT Services provides a wide range of computer and network services and support targeted to small businesses and home office users in Pittsburgh and its northern suburbs (e.g., Wexford, Mars, Cranberry, Butler, etc.). These services allow small business owners and home office users to concentrate on their business at hand rather than worrying whether their computing environment will hinder their daily business activities.

Large corporations have full-time IT (Information Technology) departments that handle everything from the smallest computer problem to large scale network planning and development efforts. Don Miller IT Services specializes in supporting small business and home office users who do not need a full-time IT staff but do need these IT services and support to keep their business running. The services are provided face-to-face rather than over an 800 help desk number. Don Miller IT Services will be at your site for as much time as needed to handle your IT needs. You will be working directly with someone who knows and understands your computing environment, not with a help desk operator (possibly in a foreign country) who has little to no knowledge of what is important to your business.

Computers have become a critical component for success for almost all companies today. Many people use the internet to verify that a company is legitimate by checking its website. But the cost of supporting and maintaining your computing environment does not have to be extremely expensive. Don Miller IT Services offers it services at rates that are affordable by small business owners and home users. These rates are far below the cost of hiring and retaining a full time IT staff. You only pay for the services that you need when you need them.

Available services range from simple everyday maintenance and support tasks to more complex projects and development. A sample of the business solutions that Don Miller IT Services can provide are listed below.




  • Server Management
  • Software Installations and Updates
  • Desktop and Laptop Management
  • Virus and Malware Management
  • Network Set-Up and Management
  • Wireless Network Set-Up & Support
  • E-Mail Administration
  • more ...
  • Development, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • Web Page Updates in a Timely Manner
  • Domain Registration and Maintenance
  • Web Hosting Relationship Management
  • more ...
  • Individualized "How To" Training
  • Product Research and Procurement
  • Specialized Projects (e.g., Customized Excel Spreadsheets with Macros)
  • more ...

For a more extensive list of the services offered by Don Miller IT Services, please go to the service pages.

Take advantage of a free evaluation to determine if there is a match between your needs and requirements and Don Miller IT Services capabilities. Call us at 724-766-5781 or email (Contact Us page) us today! Let Don Miller IT Services fulfill your small business or home office computing needs!